See You Next Tuesday

A feature film by Drew Tobia

An odd pregnant girl who disrupts the lives of her campy recovering alcoholic mother and crude sister during a nervous break-down. SYNT offers an honest, nuanced, and uncomfortable look at the complex bonds of family.


We Kid

A short film by Ruscen Vidinliev. 

Damian and his friends drift thorough NYC, people-watching and making up stories about the strangers they see... until an encounter jolts them into reality and forces Damian to confront his tragic past. 



Things Break In

A short film, written & directed by Tess Harrison.

Things Break In is a love story set in the 1940s. The men are at war, so Ida and Rosa support their families by working together on a farm - gathering eggs, gardening, shoveling manure, and feeding the animals. The freedom they find in their work provides a space for a surprising love to blossom.

International Premiere: Raindance, 2017